Premium (Paid) Flutter Widgets and Packages

Last reviewed in November 2019 by James Dixon

Open-source is awesome but sometimes a package that your app really needs or depends on goes unmaintained and you just don’t have time to maintain it yourself. Sound familiar?

We know that pain all too well. With that said, we’ve put together a list of premium (aka. paid) Flutter packages and Widgets for those times when you just need to get sh*t done.

  • Flutter Background Geolocation - does your application need to track location in the background? setup geofences? and do it in a battery-efficient way? This package is for you. The iOS version is completely free but if you’re also building for Android (you can run in debug mode on Android for free), you’ll need a license.
  • SyncFusion Charts - SyncFusion develops widgets (components) for lots of Frameworks and have now entered into the Flutter game. As of now, they offer a variety of charts but are working on other widgets as well.

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